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Pneumatic Drilling Spindle Head
• Pneumatic Power Systems
• Max.Revolution/Minute 6,000rpm
• Overall Stroke 55mm
• Power 0.37kw-2P,4P,220/380V
• Drilling Capacity Ø5(mild steel)5kg/cm2
• Drilling Stroke 25mm or 50mm
FD3-55 Specification
Pneumatic Pressure 4~6 kg/cm2
Drilling Capacity Ø5(mild steel)5kg/cm2
Chuck Type ER16-Ø10,JT1- Ø6.5,JT2- Ø10
Power 0.37kw-2P,4P,220/380V
Max.Revolution/Minute 6,000 rpm
Weight 19kg
Overall Stroke 55mm
Drilling Stroke 25mm or 50mm
Cylinder Diameter Ø50
Cylinder Area Forward 15.8cm2, Backward 7.1cm2
Thrust Force 79kg(5kg/cm2)
Transmission Pulley V-Shape,189J,201J
Consumption Parts
FD3-55 Consumption Parts
Spindle Bearing (a) 6002Zx2 , 6001ZZx1
(b) 7002Ax2 , 7001Ax1
Pulley Bearing 6203ZZx2
O-Ring for Front Cover GLY-40x1 , N-50x1 DKB40-50-7x1
O-Ring for Piston OSY-50x2
O-Ring for Rear Cover P22x1 , P-22Ax1 , SER-22x1
O-Ring for Sleeve 49.8-52.2-2

• RPM and chuck type should be given when placing order.
• There are two drilling stokes to choose from 25mm and 50mm.
• Selection of pneumatic or electrical micro switch.
• Motor and pulley can be mounted around the circle in 45 degree interval.