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Hydraulic Drilling Spindle Head
• Hydraulic Power Systems
• Max.Revolution/Minute 2,000rpm
• Overall Stroke 130mm
• Drilling Capacity Ø16(mild steel)
FD6-130 Specification
Hydraulic Pressure  20~25 kg/cm2
Drilling Capacity Ø16(S45C)
Flow Control Valve FCC-G02-4
Max.Revolution/Minute 2,000 rpm
Weight 32kg
Stroke  130mm
Cylinder Diameter Ø 80
Cylinder Area Forward 43.2cm2 , Backward 30.6cm2
Thrust Force 864kg( 20kg/cm2)
Consumption Parts
FD6-130 Consumption Parts
Spindle Bearing (a) 32005x1 , 6005Zx1, 32004x1, 6004Zx1
(b) 7005x2 , 7004x2
Pulley Bearing (a) 6008Zx1, 51208x1 or 51108x1
(b) 7008x2
O-Ring for Front Cover UHS-58x1, P-58x1, USI-58-68-6x1, G-75x1
O-Ring for Piston OSY-80x2, G-45x1
O-Ring for Rear Cover P-30x1 , PS-30x1,G-75x1
‧ High rpm application is available, specify this requirement when placing order.
‧ Left side mounted fitting holes and flow control valve are available, specify this requirement with external electrical micro switch.
‧ The stopper is a safety device. It will shorten bearing life if applying pressure on stopper for too long.