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Fanji Back Hole Drilling Head
Drilling hole from back side is a difficult task. Either turning the part around or put drill head to the other side could be a hassle.
Vertical Rotary Transfer Machines-Vertical Trunnion Machines
Select spindle head for building vertical rotary transfer machine is a little bit tough. Majority of spindle heads available on the market are flat mounted, which are mounted on a flat surface. However, vertical rotary transfer machine will not provide enough platforms for so many spindle heads in one machine to be mounted.
Tapping on how large parts?
Drilling and Tapping originally machining is extremely common. When the work piece is growing, this job more difficult, for example: a large steel plate and engaging public construction use.
FANJI Spindle Head Tube FD12H-120
Fanji established so far, more than thirty years, has become a pioneer in drilling and tapping spindle head. At the same time willing to listen to customer needs, and to change the function of the power head sizes to meet individual customer needs.