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Drilling and Tapping Head
FTD77-130 Drilling Unit
• Hydraulic Power Systems
• Max.Revolution/Minute 2,000rpm
• Overall Stroke 130mm
• Drilling Capacity Ø25(mild steel)

FTD77-80 Tapping Unit
• Tapping Capacity: M30(mild steel)
• Overall Stroke 80mm
• Thread Pitch 0.7mm~2.5mm
FTD77-130 Drilling Section - Specification
Hydraulic Pressure 20~35 kg/cm2
Drilling Capacity Ø25(mild steel)
Flow Control Valve FCC-G02-4
Max.Revolution/Minute 2,000 rpm
Overall Stroke 130mm
Cylinder Diameter Ø 63
FTD77-80 Tapping Section - Specification
Tapping Capacity  M30 (S45C)
Stroke 80mm
Thread Pitch 0.7mm ~ 2.5mm
Gauge Lubrication
Transmission (a.)A2-DP Ø 141 (b.)HTD-8YU-58T
(c.)RS40-2 row-35T
Consumption Parts
FTD77-130 Drilling Section - Consumption Parts
Spindle Bearing 32008x1 , 6008Zx1, 32007x1, 6007Zx1
Pulley Bearing 6013Zx1, 51213x1
O-Ring for Front Cover DH-80x1, P-80x1
O-Ring for Rear Cover G-65x1
FTD77-80 Tapping Section - Consumption Parts
Spindle Bearing 6909ZZx2, 6008Zx1
Pulley Bearing 6010Zx2, 6010VVx1
O-Ring for Spindle TC80-105-13, MR20x1.0P-1
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